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Joel Bierling

E-Mail: Joel@Bierling.Net

Telephone: 616-328-5465


A challenging senior position using technology that may include:

- Team and project management using agile development methodologies.

- Architecture, design, development and implementation of mobile and web applications and services applications.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, Calvin College 1997


I have over 15 years of professional commercial software development predominately in .Net (C#, Visual Basic, ASP) and C++ with experience from product inception to roll-out. Experience is detailed at: http://www.bierling.net/pages/projects/projects.htm

FineEye Color


Applications Native and Web Developer writing color management software. (2010 – ) 
- Architect, develop, and maintain software product development of the ICEserver platform relating to ink optimization for commercial ink jet printing in document workflows. Experience implementing and supporting color workflow, hardware, and software in graphic communications. Thorough understanding color theory and color management. Experienced in project management, network technology and configuration. Implemented MVC presentation layers with native color engines.



ASP.NET Applications Web Developer contracting for a Credit Union services provider on its online banking website hosting credit unions nationwide. (2010)

- Worked on product development of the Online Banking platform that serves over 2 million visits a month from Credit Union members. Developed integration modules with core processing mainframes and many 3rd party vendors. Business logic was contained in a domain model influenced by Domain Driven Design. Mobile banking integration utilized MVC presentation layers and WCF services supporting mobile applications.

Lead Pursuit


Executive Producer, Lead Developer, co-founder, and part owner of Lead Pursuit. Lead Pursuit has developed the award winning Falcon 4.0 Allied Force based on the legendary Falcon 4.0 F-16 combat flight simulator. (2008 – 2010)

- Managed and provided leadership to a team of 18 developers setting individual goals and priorities. Defined project objectives and schedules.

- Managed an executive team setting strategic direction.

- Developed key aspects of software (Visual Studio and C++) including aviation and avionics systems, artificial intelligence and network and bandwidth management (peer to peer and client server modes). Developed the communication and integration layer between the graphics (C# .Net) and simulation (C++) engines. Worked with the client front end graphics toolset (C# .Net) to develop the 3D world. Optimized and debugged software using Intel VTune, Rational Purify and other memory validation tools. Extensively involved with toolset, Windows Win32 API and SDK integration.

- F4Patch (C++) Programmed and designed the F4Patch modification system for Falcon4. Estimated user base around 50,000 users.

Abante Systems



Lead Programmer, co-founder and minority owner of Abante Systems. Abante Systems is a software development company specializing in educational software used throughout the United States. (1997 – 2008)

- Designed, developed, and managed Abante’s development team for its main products, MITracker (C# .Net web service, IIS, SQL Server data warehouse) and Progression (C++, VB, OLE DB, dBase, SQL Server and any other relational database). MITracker provides easy access to standardized testing results over the web using Business Intelligence class solutions (B2B) to improve education. Progression is curriculum management software that tracks student grades and progress. Crystal Reports, Crystal Enterprise and Business Objects generated the reports using stored procedures.

- Responsible for the development of ETL system for MEAP and local assessment data.

- Worked with the State of Michigan Department of Education designing and developing the Education YES! web site (Linux, C++, Apache, FastCGI, PostgreSQL). Over 4000 schools throughout the State of Michigan used the website to submit self-assessment data. Over 4000 schools throughout the State of Michigan submited self-assessment data.

- MEAP Assistant (C++) - Worked with the local county school district developing software that reports on student MEAP results.

- Progression for the Web (C++, ISAPI, IIS, ASP, Apache, JavaScript) - Curriculum and student grade management software.

- Progression MacOS - Curriculum management software (Metrowerks CodeWarrior C++).

- Administered, maintained and supported SQL Server database high performance server farm with replication, clustering and automated backup.

Phoenix Data Systems



Part time co-founder and co-owner of Phoenix Data Systems. Phoenix Data Systems provides consulting, photography, and software services to publishing companies worldwide. (1995 – 2010)

- Created PanoReality Explorer, a multimedia virtual tour program that is fully interactive and provides a full 360-degree field of view. Windows Version (C# .Net WinForms, VB6, OpenGL) and for the Web (JavaScript). Sold internationally (US, Canada, Jordan).

- Developed Image Database (C#, VB6), a program that stores an archive of 20,000+ photographs for licensing of various sites in the Middle East. Its online database uses Apache, PostgreSQL and PHP for accessible searches. Uses EXIF and IPTC metadata.

- Image Database Online - A Database that keeps track of the image archive of around 20,000 images and videos. Search on the web! First written using Java then rewritten for IIS and Active Server Pages (ASP). Also rewritten to use Apache, PostgreSQL, and PHP.

- PanoReality Builder (C#, VB6) - A program that constructs the information that PanoReality Explorer uses to present its information.

- PanoReality.com (JavaScript, CSS, HTML) - Designed and developed website for 360 degree photography virtual tour spinoff.

- AJVinc.com (JavaScript, CSS, HTML) - Designed/developed website for architectural firm AJV Inc.

Ford Motor Company


North American End User Support, Process Leadership. Worked with the Global Incident Reporting System (GIRS) developing WWW applications and support. (1996)

Greiner Inc


Applications programmer (Visual Basic). Greiner is an international architectural firm specializing in airport and school building design. (1995 –1996)

- Varied and diverse set of VB DOS programs working with AutoCAD.

Languages and Programming Environments

Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++ (15+ yr), Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and Win32 API (15+ yr), C#/.Net (5+ yr) and Visual Basic (20+ yr). SQL (15+ yr) (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL). Metrowerks CodeWarrior/PowerPlant (1 yr), Java (1 yr), Objective-C (6 mo), JavaScript (10+ yr) HTML (15+ yr), XML (5+ yr), CSS (5+ yr), Perl (1 yr), ASP (5+ yr), AJAX, PHP (1 yr), QuickBasic (5+ yr), Fortran 90 (6 mo), Modula II (1 yr), COBOL (6 mo), Sparc and x86 Assembly (6 mo). Extensive experience with CVS, SVN and GIT. Used Intel Vtune, Rational Purify and NUnit for unit-testing.

Operating Systems, Networking Protocols, Applications

MS DOS, all versions of MS Windows, Mac OS, Mac OSX, XWindow, Linux, Solaris, Android, iOS. TCP/IP and UDP. Microsoft Project, Office, Excel, Access, Visio, Adobe Photoshop (15+ yr), Joomla CMS, Dreamweaver, Sony Vegas, VMWare, Crystal Reports, Enterprise and Business Objects.