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Here I am in a runway bombing mission, I place 6 107's perfectly along the runway, get blown up by a ZSU-23, and then watch a Mig 19 come in for a landing. I watch eagerly in anticipation of the Mig 19 hitting the bomb craters, and what????, the Mig 19 just goes under the bomb crater. Aarrg!!
The next few images were taken when I refueled for the first time. Mid-air refueling isn't easy, and I wasn't able to do it until I got a new Suncom HOTAS joystick and throttle setup. It allowed for much finer control of the airplane. I finally did it!
The next series is just some shots I took. The first shows me flying over some clouds with a graphics glitch. The second and third show landing at twilight with the new headlight.